Remembering the first auction I was associated with was that of my grandfathers whom my Dad asked for Jerry Helmer and Lloyd Braun help to put on some 20 years ago. The second one was some years later Rusty Leferge - Chelsea, Michigan

 as I was asked to be the Administrator for my wife's uncle's estate. I called on Braun & Helmer to do this one too, one auction for the belongings and the farm equipment. The next one a short time later to sell the farm land off. This I believe was a great asset to the heirs as it brought more dollars than the market value for the property.


The third auction was helping my sister-in-law to sell off her deceased husband's possessions, which also went well. Again, a lot of work to get it ready and all gone in one day. As the years go by maybe Jerry Helmer and Lloyd's grandsons can do mine when needed. Braun and Helmer Auctions have been a great help when the time comes. Thank to them and all of those who helped put the auctions on.

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